World Parrot Day

World Parrot Day

World Parrot Day

🌎🦜 World Parrot Day! Let's all continue to actively support conservation, sanctuary, rescue, and general bird care efforts whenever possible. You can donate, volunteer, adopt, foster, and spread helpful information to the benefit of parrots.

'Tis the way of a Birdhist: to spread the good word of bird.

Sometimes I post things that aren't pretty, but I feel they're necessary as a means to spread awareness. I hope everything I do moves people to do better by birds. The reason I draw them like I do is so people can hopefully see them like I see them; worthy adoration, love, and proper care be they in the skies or in our homes.

I wish for all of them to be free from harm by the hands of humans, although year after year, I see the decimation of their habitats in places like the Amazon. I see the continual loss of up to a billion birds every year from cats, poisons, habitat loss, and capture.
I feel like it's a losing battle, but a battle worth fighting for until the very end. I will keep on trying to get the message out for as long as possible, with the hopes it will fall on the ears of those who have a better means to do something even greater to help than I do.

I do know it's working when I get messages about long time Birdhists telling me they're joining the field of conservation, rescue, or vet care! You guys are the VIPS. Happy messages like that are so motivating.

Whether they're free in the skies with their flocks, raising their families in trees, or have been born or taken into captivity for the pet trade by those who don't see as some of us do, let's do our best by them. They are here with us, not for us.

Happy World Parrot Day! Let's give the parrots of the world something to be happy about.


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