My Flock


Cody - Best Boi

His full description can be found in the About Cody Section.

Cody the Lovebird Goes to the Beach

Lolita - Fabulous Goth

Found outside in Weston, FL. Someone must have loved her because she is very affectionate and an all around great bird. We put up notices online, but no one stepped forward, so she became a permanent resident.

To Cody's dismay, Lolita loves basking with him under his warm lamp. For a time he'd give her a sassy peep whenever she approached, but he has since gotten used to her company. I gave her her own lamp, and it's just not the same. She seldom uses it. It has to be Cody's. I don't know if she's trolling or trying to bond with him.

Jester came along and despite being a troll, they will be seen snuggling and preening one another.

She loves purses and bags. If she spots one, she tends to dive in.

Lovebird Lolita Speaks... Sorta

Jester - The Lovederp

Demands out of the cage time by launching her water bowl across her cage. If there is trouble to get into, Jester jumps in face first. Knocking things over, starting trouble with Wiggly Bean.

Jester the Lovederp

Hilda & Francis - Husbird & Wifebird

Hilda the Sassy Lovebird and her Husbird Francis, the English budgie were intended to only be fosters, but due to Hilda's EXTREME SASS, they were returned twice, and thus became my beloved foster failures.

On occasion, Hilda will lay eggs, and Francis being a good boi will sit on them for her. I fortunately don't have to worry about babies with these two.

Hilda the Sassy Lovebird takes a Bath

Miss Cockatiel - The Tsundere

So Pretty

Sugar The determined

Loki Daddy Lovebird

Runty & Squirmy Troll Siblings

Neville & Harry Dangle Babies

Mikey & Piko Da Bebes

Piko Tickles

Elly-bird - The OG

Wiggly Bean The Wiggly Bean

In Memoriam
Mommy Lovebird