About Cody

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It is believed that Cody is a red-factor mutation of a Peach-faced Lovebird. The red mixed with the green to make his lovely brown coloring. I’m not sure of his actual age as I don’t have the full history on him, but he has been with me for 5 years, so he’s probably close to that age.

Some say his colors are the way they are because of advanced liver disease. Yes, there are birds who go through this color change when they’re suffering from this ailment, but Cody has been this color since I took him in 5 years ago. There’s also documentations of this type of mutation here:

The reason he’s often sitting is because he came into my life with condition called splay legs. Being full-grown, the window to correct them had gone. Don’t go thinking he can’t get around. He scoots, climbs, shuffles, eats, preens, snuggles, and goes everywhere with me, including work. 

Due to his disability, he cannot fly. Just because he can’t fly doesn’t mean he can’t go on adventures.

I get him vet checked about once a month to make sure he’s doing ok. Dr. Backos has him on Immune, Bone & Joint, and Gout medications which he seems to be doing well on. The sad truth is that he probably won’t live as long as your average lovebird because of his genes and condition, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spoil him in the mean time.

If you want to get deep, what Cody and the other birds I’ve rescued had taught me, no matter how much medical care, and all the safety precautions you take, no one is promised a tomorrow. This is why you need to treat others with kindness just in case you lose the chance to tell someone goodbye.

If he’s up to it (which he often is, because he’s addicted to cheek rubs) he’ll go along with me to educational and adoption events, and is always well-received. He is very much a people-bird. One would think he’d be tired at the end of these events, but no. At the end of these events, he will scoot to the door of the cage and peep at me until I pick him up. 

He shows the world that every being deserves love and compassion.

Now look at dem cheeks.

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