The Mission

How it Started

All my birds are special, but Clifford the Conure and Cody the Lovebird are my biggest inspirations. Clifford was my first Special Needs buddy. He was like Cody in many ways, both were born with splayed-legs and both enjoyed traveling around with me in a travel carrier.
I knew Clifford wasn’t in 100% of health, but he deserved a happy life just as all critters do. He unfortunately passed away from a sudden seizure attack at an Emergency Clinic. This was the worst heartbreak I’ve ever felt. 

In his memory I volunteered at the South FL Wildlife Center that gave him a chance and adopted him out to me. From there I learned so much and met many wonderful people. No Paw Left Behind opened their rescue to No Feather Left Behind. This journey and a random doodle of Cody in 2015 eventually evolved into Birdhism and the Chubby Bird Collection.

The actual Chubby Bird Collection is a labor of love spanning over a year and the collection is still growing. Yes, they’re simple, bird shapes, but I spent a lot of time staring at references, trying to simplify their design whilst trying to be as true to their species as possible. 

I'm hoping Birdhism will be profitable enough to sustain a bird rescue and sanctuary without having to rely solely on donations.