You Are Enough

You Are Enough

You Are Enough

Feeling you are enough and not having to prove yourself to anyone is a means of self-liberation.

Don't feel like wearing make-up? Great. Feel like wearing make-up? Great. Even regardless of anyone's idea of *current* "gender standards." (In the 1300s, men wore make-up and frilly attire). That's the individual's choice and they should always be free to make it. Anyone who gives grief is not worth the time or mental energy. This applies to anyone not hurting anyone.

I myself used to be heavy into goth scene. Occasionally I'd get negative comments. I did not care. I liked my outfit. I felt creative and unique. I did it for me and anyone who had an appreciation for that vibe.
I used to be a people-pleaser, to the point of setting myself on fire to keep others warm. Now the only person I feel the desire to please is #1 myself, my friends (unless they're doing something I don't like, which they'd be understanding of b/c they're my friends), and my community within reason, of course. I do not put up with Karens/Kevins anymore.
I'm fortunately my own boss now, but if I had one again, I'd likely have to conform a bit. I'd unfortunately need to because contractual obligation. Of course, I know how to choose my battles, and if I'm making good money, I'd honor the etiquette.

I do believe leaving your comfort zone is where magic tends to happen, but if you don't feel like it, and you're content with that, that's fine.
I have traumas that I have overcome and it has taken a LONG time to deal with them. Just because someone is still hurting from traumas doesn't make them any less than, it just means their journey is still in progress and encourage them to continue it without being critical.
Always do your best for yourself, because you deserve it, not because someone forces it of you.
Once this is learned, one often grows as a person and wants to better themselves more comfortably, on their own terms.

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