Chubby Bird Keychains Are Here!

Chubby Bird Keychains Are Here!

Chubby Bird Keychains Are Here!

As an effort to appease the most people with a single item, the Dangos are multi-species and multi-mutations. 

As a Lovebird lover, I personally would be happy to get a keychain that has my Lovies represented as well as their variations, so I'm hoping others feel the same way.

As a Blue-crown and Cherry-headed Conure lover, I know they aren't as popular as the 3 conures seen above, but would love if they're made into keychains one day, so on
that note, apologies for my lack of, Lorikeets, Cockatoos, Pigeons, Linnies, and more. If they do well, I can do Black-masked, and Fischer's next round.

I'm always nervous and hesitant about purchasing new products. This is probably why I don't have as many items as other cute shops. I'm always thinking they're not good enough or how do I make something that appeases the most people to avoid waste?

I don't usually like to follow trends. I like being weird and scooting down the path least traveled, but as a small biz, in order to propel the mission, I'm learning that I need to hop on to what on the more ~popular~ side. When it comes making products, you usually have to go with what sells the best, otherwise you won't make enough to make more. -sadge-

So after explaining my thought processes, I present a sneak peak of the new goodies!

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