Authorized Use

Report Stolen Art via Email:

Fan Art & Re-creation Guidelines

It's OK to share Birdhism memes and posts, but please don't remove any watermarks. 

Create all the Chubby Bird fan art you'd like. I only ask that you give credit and please don't sell it.

Fans are free to get inked with Chubby Bird-inspired tattoos. I'd appreciate an @birdhism tag, email, or FB message. I'd be very flattered. If you'd like to contribute to the Chubby Bird Fund, we have a Tattoo Token.

Want to make a Chubby Bird craft for a friend or even decorate a classroom? That's ok! I love when people share the love of cute birds with others.


Are you a bird rescue and want to do a fundraiser or event with the Chubby Birds? If you're helping birds, I'd love to help you help birds. Send me an email. 

For all inquiries, please remember, we are a smol business, and we will try our best to accommodate. 

Business establishments may not sell Chubby Birds Designs or use them in advertising without contacting Birdhism.


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