Special Needs

(Work in Progress)

I specialize in special needs birds. Some breeders will put them to sleep because they see them as undesirable and thus unprofitable. I want to prove them wrong.

With a few modifications to their homes, you can give a special little friend a good quality of life. Here's a few tips to help you along:

Leg Disabilities

I place fleece and fabric on the bottom of Cody’s cage to cushion his bum when he’s scooting around down there. On top of that, I place blue paper towels from the automotive store. They’re softer and stronger than standard paper towels. This makes for easy cleaning. I use a soy sauce dish for his food. His water bowl is ceramic and its weight prevents it from moving around when he goes for a drink. Perches are set low so he can both sit on them and use them to get around.

I wrapped his perch with self-adhesive bandages. They make the perch both soft and grippy which makes it easier for him to balance on.

Some other perches you'd might be interested in depending on their level of mobility:

 Corner Platform

 Wooden Platform Perch


Sight problems

Chickadee the senior lovebird knew where her bowls and perches were as her vision began to fail. As long as I didn't move them, she was ok to get to where she needed to go, and we never had a problem.

If you take in a bird that's unfamiliar with their new surroundings, it would be best to keep sturdy, yet low set bowls for easy access. Keep an eye on your bird to make sure they're eating and drinking.  


Self-adhesive Tape

Neuro Issues