Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Please post in the comments below what you'd like to see offered in the form of content, designs, and merchandise.


  • With respect !!!

    mamaligadoc on

  • Would love to see a sticker for the Red-Lored Amazon! : >

    Mandi on

  • The bird vet/tech community would love to have chubby bird scrub tops, or any of the other designs. Thanks for your art and dedication to these fabulous creatures.

    Chris on

  • I love your site and I love that you have dedicated yourself to helping birds! I have two disabled house sparrows that live with me and I’d love to see some male house sparrow merchandise. Fridge magnets or stickers would be so cool!

    Amy on

  • Victorian crowned pigeons are cool… perhaps you could add one to the rest of the pigeon flock?

    Caitlin on

  • Hello there! We recently adopted a lovebird just like Cody and I’d like to know if you have a blog about how to educate this type of bird? I really want to let him out of his cage and that he feels comfortable!

    Art3mis on

  • A green female ringneck would be great, I have a turquoise one but not that many people have them. I have a pop up camper so I’m going to put chubby bird stickers on it.

    Stella on

  • Would love to see fridge magnet availability of Cody-isms or bird quotes

    Kelly on

  • Also, some nurse Cody gear! The other nurse bird looks too angry lol.

    KMac on

  • You have many budgies, but not mine! Please do a blue budgie with a white head and a grey back. I would love to have a notebook and stickers :)

    KMac on

  • Refrigerator magnets would be nice! :-)

    Mary on

  • Oo please do clothing!

    Olivia Mercado-Hannon on

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