New Design: Chubby Mr. Raven

New Design: Chubby Mr. Raven

New Design: Chubby Mr. Raven

Thanks to Inktober (a creative activity for the month of October) for inspiring this illustration. Granted, I missed a few days so I could finish this piece. That's ok, the month's not over yet, I still have time to catch up!

I've been wanting to make more elaborate designs for some time now, but due to demand for Custom Chubby Birds and Portraits, I just haven't had much of a chance to focus on them. Please don't misunderstand, I love that side of the b'ness, but I also love going nuts on something like this, which was partially inspired by a demand for corvids. 

You can see the process below. Most of my designs start out with tradition pen, pencil, and paper, and then I move them into Adobe Illustrator to work on cleaning them up. 
What's great about doing illustrations in this manner, I can make the final design as small or large as I want without it ever getting pixelated. 

The smoke was the hardest part about this illustration. Took about 2 hours until I was satisfied with the flow of it. All together, this piece took me about a week. 

The next design I'm hoping to work in is a Chubby Phoenix, but after I finish a few new species of Chubby Birds.

You can get a signed print here on the webstore or you can get a variety of different items on Redbubble


  • Woooow great artwork I would like to draw kawaii things like u do someday great work

    Junie Lee on

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