Kitchen Hazards

Kitchen Hazards

Kitchen Hazards

A curious parrot can get into a lot of trouble if they find their way into a kitchen. It's our job to keep them safe.

Sharp Objects

Some birds enjoy 'helping out' with chores. Folding laundry and sweeping is fine, but when it comes to anything that involves sharp or heavy objects, it's best to put them in their house until you're done. 

JJ's Resort and Spa

When JJ sees water, she instantly thinks it's bath time. She's on a mission to transform the kitchen into her own personal Resort & Spa. 

Some birds are more bath-happy than others. You can't always be sure when the mood will strike them. When it does, they will bathe in anything that holds water with no regard for their own personal safety, or our sanity.

Anything filled with icky, boiling, and/or an excessive amount of water needs to be kept out of reach of birds. Even if it's in another room, as sad as it is, I've known birds to have flown and landed in all the wrong places.

Clipping a bird's wings should not be the answer to this issue, instead, focus on prevention. Modify the situation and the environment rather than the birds themselves.

It is a good idea to know where your birds are before anyone starts operating the stovetop or oven. One minute they're on your shoulder and next minute there's chaos.

For birds, ovens can cause issues beyond coming in direct contact with them. Toxins can be released when certain products become heated. They don't typically have an (immediate) effect on us, but birds are especially sensitive to that sort of thing.

Never use the self-cleaning cycle with your birds anywhere in the house due to toxic fumes. Similarly, when you get a brand new stove, run the broiler a few time to burn off the stimky chemical residue.

The well-studied dangers of PTFE & PFOA products (sometimes called Teflon) is not common knowledge to the general and even bird-loving public. The problem lies when these types of product are heated.

"Non-stick cookware, when heated either under a broiler or on a stovetop at medium-high heat, can, within six minutes, get to temperatures that will release toxic particles and gasses."

-Dr. TIM KROPP (Toxicologist, Environmental Working Group) | NPR 

Also see Last Week Tonight with John Oliver's full episode on it in regards to these "forever chemicals" and the number they're doing on us and the environment. 

Get yourself some stainless steel (there's always some at the thrift store), or look for items that are both PTFE & PFOA Free.

Old Amazon Louie gets in on the action.

It's fine to let them bath in a clean sink. Just incase the bath-dance gets wild, move any big objects that might disrupt their party like soap or dishes. If your sink isn't regularly cleaned, limit access to it with a closed door. If you have an open kitchen, please embrace regular cleaning.

For more info about bird care.

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