Humans wipe out 70% of animals in 50 years

Humans wipe out 70% of animals in 50 years

Humans wipe out 70% of animals in 50 years

Incoming Tree-hugging Rant based on this Article

I often need to close my mind to this info so I don't exists in a perpetual state of mourning and hopelessness.

It's hard to exist in the world without causing some harm to the environment, although it still deserves the effort. Because of this, I tend to share my personal/birdhist Golden Rule: "Do the least harm." To "do no harm" is unachievable. I try to promote active consideration vs. a need for perfection.

I regularly ponder the idea of being an off-grid bird hermit in the woods, but I can't even afford the land or set up... yet.

There's always the Pigeon Lady Plan, but that's going to go against my drive to help out companion birds. SIGH.

Based on podcasts and a fair amount of reading on a subject that I very much care about, I've concluded that the rich and powerful are the only ones who can  do anything significant to improve on this situation ASAP, but to do so will likely make them less rich and powerful, and their egos are probably going to have a tough time adjusting if they even bother to without some sort of regulation.

Right now, all I see them doing is a lot of talk and green-washing, but nothing more.

So what about regulations? The Gov. is too slow to pass any effective laws, which as we have seen in the past, can be reversed.
We can't even get them to all agree that human-caused Climate Change is a thing that is actually happening. I blame wealth generating industries.
"Rising seas? That will hurt their beach property investments, so don't anyone say anything."  
On the consumer side, we need to curb our need for the grandiose. Why have a giant house when you can live in something more reasonable and cozy? The bigger the house, the more resources it consumes.

Imbalance in nature sourced by financial inequalities, societal discourse, lack of fair regulation, etc.

Until we collectively figure out a way to create a balance for all and better embrace nature, I only see a dystopian future. One that I will actively try to fight against with outreach and lifestyle changes.
Anyone is welcome to join me. Let's all fight against the dying light like a hormonal Cockatoo.


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