A Very Birdy Birthday Charity Stream

A Very Birdy Birthday Charity Stream

A Very Birdy Birthday Charity Stream

The only thing I want for my birthday is happy birds, so please consider tuning in to my Twitch Channel on Aug. 6th & 7th, from 2pm - 6pm (EST) as us bird lovers come together to fundraise for Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab. They assisted in Budgie-geddon aka taking in 300 of the more than 800 hoarded budgies as well as maintain standard bird benefiting endeavors. They're currently working on updating their new facility, so every little bit will help them with their important mission.


Game & Comic Creators

Matthew Mercer (Video) | Megan Fox (Written)
Sarah Wymer (Live) | ChuckDrawsThings (Video) | Andy Runton (Live)

Bird Artists

Elsa C (Written) | Emi (Video) | Meesh (Written) | Beeper Art (Live)

VTubers & Celebirdies

Holly Conrad (Guest Host Sunday)  | Dominic, Son of Alex (Video)
MangoBtuber (Live) | HioKleo (Live) | RPGRooster (Live) | 


Handmade Real Cody-feather Necklace (90$ value)
Donated by Northwind Glass Studio

magical chubby bird pins
Full Magical Chubby Bird Pin Set
Donated by Birdhism
Talisman Digital Version Steam

X3 Talisman: Digital Edition  and Custom Digital Magic Card
Donated by RPG Rooster
Chicken Thoughts Book
Signed Chicken Thoughts Book
Donated by Sarah Wymer

Owly Comic by Scholastic
Signed Owly books (vol. 1-4) from Scholastic 
Donated by Andy Runton

Hiodollz Pins
2 sets of Birdy-themed Hard Enamel pins & Keychain sets x2 
(your choice)
Donated by HioDollz 


(Times may vary)
2:00pm Introductions/Just Chatting w/birds
2:30pm Giveaway
3:00pm Host Interviews
3:30pm Group Game
4:00pm Group Game
4:30pm Giveaway
5:00pm Video Interview
5:30pm Closing/Giveaway
6:00pm End Day 1

2:00pm Introductions/Just Chatting w/birds
2:30pm Giveaway
3:00pm Interviews
3:30pm Group Game: SkateBIRD
4:00pm Group Game: Gartic Phone
4:30pm Open Art Requests/Giveaway
5:00pm Open Art Requests/Interviews
5:30pm Closing/Giveaway
6:00pm Fundraiser Closing


Goose Goose Duck
Gartic Phone


$1 Thank You
$5 Squats
$10 Chat gets to write a tweet (TOS/NSFW Safe) (Limit 5)
$20 Character Doodle (Limit 10)
$50 Pick next Chubby Bird to Design (Limit 5)
$100 Cody feather necklace (limit 1)


Art Request
Henlos from Birdhism's Flock

Do it for the birds!
(They're such amazing and misunderstood beans aaaaa)


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