A Lesson About Compassion

A Lesson About Compassion

A Lesson About Compassion

"Be slow to anger and quick to listen." 

I see comments like, "Wing-clipping is bad and you should feel bad." Without knowing anything about a bird beyond a photo.

Maybe the bird didn’t have the opportunity to practice flying in their old home, so clipping is the only way for them to have outside time without risk of injury. Maybe they're new to birds and didn't know of the other options for bonding.

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A naked bird could be loved and care for, but can continue to struggle with the habit.

An underweight bird could have a medical condition.

A bird with rope perches could have arthritis and their person just wanted their bird's feet to be comfy.

You never know unless you ask with a willingness to listen and with a compassionate heart. If you're going to assume, assume people who love their birds are trying their best and go from there.


  • My macaw has Arthritis in his feet n wings- what and where can I find — soft perch’s —that I can use and can get off the wooden ones to be more softer

    Lindalee Dodge on

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