Business Update

Business Update

Business Update

Happy New Year! Maybe? Weh...

I'm having to do a business updated and I don't like it.

In order for the business side of Birdhism to progress from a Fledgling business to a thriving Adult one, and after much debate and frustration, I've been advised by multiple business savvy people that I need to increase prices ... for now. -_-

As time goes on, with continued support, the more products I will be able to order at once, and then I can start bringing them back down. 

I tried to do this by acquiring a business loan, but they require me to gamble assets that I don't have, so that's a no. I do have another option I'm working on, but that's gonna take some time... Anyone know of any business grants? 

I've been fighting this for awhile, but after looking at the numbers, this has become a necessity. I waited until after the Holidays to do the bigger increase because I wanted everyone to have a better opportunity to get Chubby Bird goodies without breaking the bank.

It used to be just me doing everything and having to fight burn out, but now I have a small team helping. I'm wanting to pay them a fair wage, even hire more helpers, but I'm not able to at the moment, and I'm afraid to ask anyone to volunteer their services for free. 

Between this, inflation, programs, shipping, and my laptop dying, this is the bumpy road we're having to travel. Don't know how this is going to go. Yeehaw? has stickers and similar merchandise, but I like the the ones from better. They're outdoor quality, and just look really nice. At least it's an option.
Business is hard. I can assure you, this is not out of greed, but necessity. We don't get the substantial discounts big companies do. Maybe one day we will?
I will also be opening design/illustration commissions mid month to try to help carry things forward. If that fails, then I'm gonna have to find another job. I'll do what I have to do, but for sure, I will never give up the Birdhist mission. It just might take longer than I hoped.

If you'd like to support us w/o purchasing items and see more behind the scenes stuff and monthly exclusive stickers there's

TL:DR We *had* to raise prices. I'm sad about it because I want chubby birds to accessible to everyone. I hope you're not mad at me. I hope things work out. 

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