Tulip Princess Jester, one-of-a-kind Giclée


Size: 16 in x 16 in (40.6cm x 40.6cm)

One-of-a-kind, signed, Giclée canvas print of digital painting. 
Part of a continuing, "Flora & Feathers" collection.

Jester: my accident-prone, comedic, googly-eyed princess. 
Missing my goofy girl, I started working on this while I waited for a delayed flight. Then something happened. Overcome with grief over an accident I caused, I translated my prayers and grief into this painting as she was recovering at the ER vet 3 hours away. 
After her injury, Jester had to endure the "Cone of shame" which looked very much like a tulip. A reminder that accidents happen no matter how vigilant you are, but there' is hope for recovery. Jester is currently feeling much better, back to demanding kisses which makes me feel like she has forgiven me.