Taking Your Bird Out on Adventures

Tips for bringing your bird on adventures:

  1. Don't bring your bird on adventures if they appear to stressed during the process. (Untypical behavior, pacing, screaming, hiding).
  2. Food facilities are pretty chill if you eat outside with your bird.
  3. If your bird is noisy or disruptive to people around you, better to keep them home or away from people that may be bothered by your bird. 
  4. Stay away from the kitchen area just incase they have any non-stick products burning.
  5. Be prepared to answer questions. My usual responses are, "Birds like fresh air and sunshine." "People take their dogs out, why not my bird?"
  6. Bring a cage cover just incase something random do them a (((spook)))
  7. Flighted or clipped, keep them in their carrier unless they're harnessed or have funny feet like Cody and cannot fly at all. If harnessed, beware of hawks and other predators. Predators can be bold when they're hungry.
  8. Never leave them unattended.

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