Shy Sushi has Passed Away

Shy Sushi has Passed Away

Shy Sushi has Passed Away


My little Linnie-friend, Sushi has passed away in her snuggly hut. She was a shy little nugget, very well-tempered, her chirps were like tiny giggles. She came from a Bird Lovers Club friend in around 2012.

Our nightly routine consisted of giving her some milk thistle drops, placing her in her house, and watching her run into her snuggly hut, offended. Her little tail would stick out of it and I'd make fun of her for not being very good at hiding. The drops were good for her liver as she was an old lady. She would then be placed in my bedroom, covered, where she could have a peaceful sleep.


Now our little routine is broken. I really miss Miss Giggle-giggle Sushi, at least she passed away in a cozy, safe home where she was very loved. That's the most important thing anyone can do for a bird-friend.


  • Don’t worry. Sushi is now in the forest of the skies 😭

    Junie Lee on

  • :(((( I hope Sushi is having a good time up there…

    Cockatiel_Crazy on

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