Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time

I want to utilize Nurse Cody to give advice not only to help birds, but also people.

Getting a good night's rest is so important for our mental and physical health, but it has become more difficult, mostly due to technology. Many of us are looking for the next hit of dopamine from a quality meme or succumb to doom scrolling and fruitless debates. I speak from experience... huehuehue

I've had nights where I stayed up late playing an MMO, having class in the morning. I've also had nights where couldn't get my brain to shut up; recalling embarrassing situations, creative ideas, witty comebacks to jerk I may have encountered years ago. The usual. Insomnia happened. My mood and health suffered. Caffeine can only take you so far. Stress and anxiety was heightened, bitch-mode was easily activated, all of which can mess with peeps greatly.
I wonder, how much road rage is linked to crappy sleep? HMM...

The best thing that helped me was putting my cell phone in the other room before bed and getting a traditional clock or a watch with an alarm in it. Some may consider putting their tech away 1hr before bedtime. Reading a traditional book before bed might help you get cozy, or even journalling. Deep breathing/mediation exercises helped me the most. There's guided mediations on YouTube to help you get started.

I have ADHD, and if you're like me, you are going to struggle for awhile, but you'll never GIT GUD if you expect results overnight. Practice 1 minute for a week, then 5 minutes, and maybe eventually you'll get over 30 minutes. When I get in that routine, I can really see the difference.

Stick to a bedtime routine to the best of your ability. Sometimes fun comes out of staying up late... but so does regret, so moderate yourself. If you know that messing with your routine is going to mess with you, then abstain.

If this doesn't help, then by all means, seek a medical professional... or else Hilda's gonna get ur toes!

<3 Jen

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