Chubby Bird Plushies!!!

Chubby Bird Plushies!!!

Chubby Bird Plushies!!!

The Chubby Bird Plushies have been brought to life thanks to the hard work, support, and encouragement from both the wonderful birb community and my helpers at Team Birdhism. 

^Debating on donut color

Coming from a background of not having much, I want to say I’m sorry that these aren’t cheaper. 

Companies that sell plushies at lower rate often have the means to buy/produce in bulk for huge discounts. We're scooting along, but we aren't in the position to do that just yet. We ordered an 'ok' amount to get the price lower, but unfortunately not low enough as I’d like. 

^Pre-Photoshop - the colors on Cody aren't THAT bright IRL. 

Please know we don’t charge what we do out of greed, but necessity. I wouldn't do the community wrong like that. Funds will be used for needed employees and future products that will all with the end goal being creating a business that can better support the mission of helping both birds and people. 

Needless to say, if these do well, we’ll be able to make more plushies as well as other merchandise! I’d love to do budgies, a gray cockatiel, conures, ravens, and much more, including smaller versions that you can take to work with you to cheer you on at your desk or as you commute to work. 

Thank you frens! I hope they bring you joy.

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