Hurricane Irma, Preparations

Hurricane Irma, Preparations

Hurricane Irma, Preparations

“No amount of regretting can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the future.” 
- Roy T. Bennett

No one one knows where the worst parts of the storm is going to land, but as of right now, South Florida is in the Cone of Death and under a State of Emergency. I recently moved back home with my folks, and they happen to be in a Mandatory Evacuation Zone, so I'll need to get my flock the flock out of here and hope we have a home to come back to after the skies clear.

Instead of dealing with crowds and empty shelves, I'm prepping for Hurricane Irma by shopping online. My items are scheduled to be here by Thursday. With the latest update, they're saying things are supposed to go downhill this weekend, depending on where the bulk of the storm is heading.

I ordered a bunch of bird food, a few
more pet taxies, 5 gallon water jug that I'm going to fill with filtered water, and an Igloo. We're saving existing drink containers to fill with filtered water, too. (Recycling!) I just need to stockpile canned food for me and get my rear tires fixed today or tomorrow.

As for where I'm going to stay, I'm not sure yet. I'm debating whether or not to stay in my friend's Snow-bird neighbor's apartment or heading North. I want to go wherever my crew will be safest.  I'm just pondering, watching, and waiting.

We stayed in the mobile home during Hurricane Wilma. It was a fast moving, Category 2-3 storm. Our walls vibrated, we lost a window, which we boarded up with pieces of a bookshelf. We didn't have the resources to get paneling for our windows. Our neighbor's roofs peeled like a sardine can and got caught in a palm tree. One really old trailer lost a wall and we were without electricity for two weeks. Cold showers are pretty awful. The military dropped off MREs at the clubhouse and we lived off those for awhile. I lost the canopy off the convertible top to my '91 Lebaron. It's ok, we got another one out of the junk yard shortly after and I was back on the road.

Just thought to do an update on the process. Maybe you guys will find this interesting? It's a waiting game right now. It's not pleasant, but worry isn't going to help anything.

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