Chubby Pigeon Pin for Palomacy Pigeon Rescue

Chubby Pigeon Pin for Palomacy Pigeon Rescue

Chubby Pigeon Pin for Palomacy Pigeon Rescue

Cynthia approached me, on behalf of Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions to design a Chubby Bird Styled pin based off her adorable emotional support pigeon, Miu. If you haven't seen Miu, please check out her instagram, just prepare your heart for the heaps cute.

In late November 2016, Cynthia Zhou was going about her day when she saw an update from Palomacy Pigeon & Dove adoptions: They had just rescued a homing pigeon who was "released" by her owner's family, despite having no survival skills as a domestic bird.

Palomacy provides foster homes and medical care for pigeons and doves that many shelters would euthanize, and they're always overfull. They didn't have room for her but saved her anyway, hoping that she could be fostered in a short-term situation until she was adopted.

Despite her past, she was loving and affectionate - one month later, she finalized her adoption.

Miu's a testament to the little-known delights of having a pet pigeon. She's cuddly, gives pigeon kisses, and even travels across the country with her on airplane flights. They try to show people close-up that these birds, abandoned by humans, can make wonderful companions - it's easy to fall in love with pigeons after meeting her!

For a donation to Palomacy of $10 (shipping within the US included, for international shipping, please donate $14), you will receive a thank you and a Chubby Pigeon/Miu-inspired pin. 100% of profits will go to Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Rescue, so they can continue to save lives like Miu's. 

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  • Hello, I saw how the dove’s innocence and calmness of the dove actually matches with the depression that Cynthia experiences and it shows that she has overcome this depression a lot. My question is would you think having a dove would benefit a child or help a child or a teenager with ADHD as to give him or her a calm spirit? Without seen it happen the assumption is that it is totally opposite and will never happen however, I am a mother who has tried everything as I tried medication, I’ve tried counseling, my son is literally outgrown all of those things and everyday his emotions change; from heightened emotions on playing and cooperating to blocking respect, blocking rules. My son is smart and strong and ADHD will focus into his ego….. At the end of the day I’m a mother who’s looking for answers and amazed with the work that this little bird has contributed to Cynthia’s life. The innocence of God lies in animals and it is amazing when people connect to that innocence. It is Harmony that two species can live in piece… All the best to Cynthia and fundraising. Charmaine

    Charmaine Maragh on

  • Great story. I just shared it on my FB page. I hope you get lots of orders.

    Ann Hansard Stowe-Dougherty on

  • Can you still make a donation and get a pin?

    Suzie on

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