Magical Bird Scooty Hard Enamel Pins

Scootaloo in her Magical Chubby Merbird form, recruiting some ocean friends to help clean up the coral reefs.
Pin Details:
• 34mm
• Secured with two rubber pin backs
• Gold Plated Iron
• Lots of Sparkles

• Locking Pin Backs available for extra security.

Grade-B Pins
These Pins are being sold at a reduced price because they may have minor flaws such as:

• Smudges in Enamel
• Minor Scratches in Enamel
• Specs / Dots in Enamel
• Enamel over fill

From a normal distance most flaws are not noticeable.
Please note Grade-B Pins are non-refundable.

Each pin is mounted on a sturdy backer board. This item ships via USPS. Please allow 1 - 3 business days to process your order prior to shipping.