Pō the Kākāpō Hard Enamel Pins


The internet's favorite party parrot!

Known for the funny videos seen online and their goofy personality, Kākāpōs are the large, nocturnal, flightless parrot native to New Zealand. Due to habitat destruction, these birds are critically endangered with only a couple hundred remaining to this day. However, thanks to the increased awareness of the Kākāpō due to internet popularity, the Kākāpō was rescued from the brink as researchers work tirelessly to continue to preserve this much loved species. 

Pin Details:

• 34mmx44mm
• Secured with two rubber pin backs
• Gold Plated Iron

• Locking Pin Backs available for extra security.

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Each pin is mounted on a sturdy backer board. This item ships via USPS.
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