Chubby Bird Collection

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♥ Cody the Lovebird ♥
Classic Cody: Stickers
Cosplay Cody, Deadpoof: Stickers
Lotus/Enlightened Cody: Stickers | Necklace
Magical Bird Cody: Stickers | Necklaces
Rainbow Cody: Stickers 

African Grey Stickers | Necklace

Timneh African Grey: Stickers

African Grey Cosplaying

♥ Amazons 
Blue-fronted Amazon: Stickers
Lilac-crested Amazon: Stickers 
Orange-winged Amazon: Stickers
Yellow-headed Amazon: Stickers
Yellow-naped Amazon:

Bourke’s Parakeet: Stickers

♥ Budgies/Parakeets 

Special Edition Budgies
Adeline the Custom Budgie
Chip the Budgie
Jedi Budgie
Nubs on a Vespa

Blue Budgie, Male:  Stickers | Necklaces
Blue Budgie, Female: Stickers
Green Budgie, Male: Stickers | Necklaces
Green Budgie, Female: Stickers
Grey Budgie: Stickers
Grey Budgie, Female:
Sky Budgie: Stickers
White Budgie: Stickers
Yellow Budgie

♥ Caiques 
Black-headed Caique: Stickers | Necklaces
White-bellied Caique: 
Stickers | Necklaces

Cape Parrot: Stickers


Cockatiel Group: Shirt | Print 
Cockatiel: Stickers | Necklaces
Sassy Cockatiel: Stickers | Redbubble
Pearl Cockatiel: Stickers | Redbubble
Pearl/Pied Cockatiel: Stickers | Redbubble
Female Cockatiel: Stickers | Necklaces | Redbubble
Pastel-faced Female Cockatiel 2: Stickers Redbubble
Pied Cockatiel: Stickers | Redbubble
Cinnamon Cockatiel: Stickers | Redbubble
Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel: Stickers | Redbubble

White-faced Cockatiel
White-faced Pearl Cockatiel
White-faced Female Cockatiel
White Cockatiel
"Pikachu" Cockatiel
Lutino Cockatiel


Special Edition Cockatiels:
Lotus/Nurse Cockatiel
Oliver the Cockatiel
Rainbow/Pride Cockatiels
Scootaloo the Special Needs Cockatiel: Sticker
Special Tiels
Vespa Cockatiel: Sticker


♥ Cockatoos 
Galah/Rose-breasted Cockatoo: Stickers | Necklaces

Goffin's Cockatoo


Moluccan Cockatoo: 
Moluccan Cockatoo (Special Needs): Stickers
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo: Stickers 
Umbrella Cockatoo: Stickers | Necklaces
Umbrella Cockatoo (Special Needs): Stickers

♥ Conures

Special Edition Conure
Special Needs Nanday

Black-capped Conure: Stickers
Blue-crowned Conure: Stickers
Cherry-headed Conure: Stickers

Gold-capped Conure


Golden Conure: Stickers
Green Cheek Conure: Stickers | Necklaces
Green Cheek Conure, Cinnamon: Stickers
Green Cheek Conure, Pineapple: Stickers | Necklaces
Green Cheek Conure, Turqoise-cinnamon: 
Green Cheek Conure, Turquoise: Stickers | Necklaces
Green Cheek Conure, Yellow-sided: Stickers
Jenday Conure: Stickers
Nanday Conure: Stickers
Peach-fronted Conure: Stickers
Sun Conure: Stickers | Necklace   
White-eyed Conure: Stickers

♥ Eclectus
Eclectus, Male: Stickers | Necklaces
Eclectus, Female: Stickers

♥ Finches
Java Finch: Stickers
Zebra Finch, Brown
Zebra Finch: Stickers

Hooded Parrot
Jardine’s Parrot: Stickers
Kakapo: Stickers
 | Necklaces

♥ Linnies
Blue, Lineolated Parakeet: Stickers
Green, Lineolated Parakeet

♥ Lorikeets
Rainbow Lorikeet: Stickers

♥ Lovebirds

Special Edition Lovebirds
Hilda the Sassy Lovebird: Stickers | Necklace 
Chickadee the Angel Lovebird

Black-masked, Blue Lovebird
Black Masked, Violet Lovebird: Stickers
Black-Masked, Personata Lovebird: Stickers
Dutch Blue, Peach-faced Lovebird: Stickers
Fischer’s Lovebird: Stickers
Lutino, Peach-faced Lovebird: Stickers
Lime, Peach-faced Lovebird: Stickers 
Peach-faced Lovebird: Stickers | Necklaces
Seagreen Peach-faced Lovebird: Stickers
Seagreen, Pied “Sherbet” Lovebird: Stickers

♥ Macaws
Blue & Gold Macaw: Stickers | Necklaces
Blue-throat Macaw: 
Hahn’s Macaw: Stickers
Hyacinth Macaw: Stickers | Necklaces

Illiger's Macaw


Red-fronted Macaw


Yellow-Collared Macaw: 

Meyers Parrot: Stickers
Moustached Parakeet, Young

♥ Parrotlets

Special Edition Parrotlet
Parrotlet with Crown

Green Parrotlet: Stickers | Necklaces
Blue Parrotlet: Stickers | Necklaces
Light Blue (Fallow) Parrotlet - Stickers
Yellow Parrotlet: Stickers

♥ Pokémon 

Articuno: Stickers
Zapdos: Stickers

♥ Poultry
Rooster: Stickers
Chicken, Rhode Island Red: Stickers
Chicken, Black: Stickers

♥ Quaker Parrots
Quaker Parrot, Green: Stickers | Necklaces
Quaker Parrot, Blue: Stickers
Quaker Parrot, Yellow/Lutino: Stickers

Red-bellied Parrot: Stickers

♥ Ringneck Parakeets
Alexandrine Ringneck, Male: Stickers
Alexandrine Ringneck, Female: Stickers
Indian Ringneck, Blue: Stickers 
Indian Ringneck, Gray: Stickers 
Indian Ringneck, Gray, Female: Stickers 
Indian Ringneck, Green: Stickers
Indian Ringneck, Yellow: 

Senegal Parrot - Stickers | Necklace
Senegal in a Donut (Custom)

♥ Wild Birds
Sparrow Rescuer Tribute
Berdie Sanders
European Starling: Stickers
Silver Lahore Pigeon
Miu the Pigeon: Charity Pin

♥ Portraits♥ 
The Little Blue Dog Crew - Completed
Michael & Josie - Completed
Gamer Portrait - Completed
Daughter Portrait - Completed
GCC & Snake Portrait - Completed
Flock & Fox - Completed
Feather & Furry Family - Completed
Cockatiel Family - Completed
Flower Birds - Completed
Henrietta the Chicken - Completed
Matching Portraits
Silver Tiel Portrait
Lucy the Chicken Memorial
M. Wille - Yoga

♥ Logos♥ 
Parrot Playhouse Puffy & Baby - Completed

♥ Other♥ 
Ball Python - Completed
Hyacinth Macaw Graphic Illustration