Sorry, Charlie

Sorry, Charlie

Sorry, Charlie

Charlie is a 5 year old feral Quaker Parrot that was adopted from the local Wildlife Center as a smol boi. He made friends with another feral Quaker Parrot (Cooper) who survived a Hawk attack thanks to the love and care of his Dad. 

After 5 years together, Cooper had passed away 2 months ago, and Charlie has begun to pluck a little bit, likely due to sadness/anxiety. Charlie's Dad's health poses another problem, resulting in a sad, yet thoughtful decision to put him up for adoption. 

He met me yesterday at Backos Bird Clinic, getting him a check up before turning him over to me, which was very considerate. I promised to find him an awesome home.

Charlie's a very sweet bird and will be available for adoption once his tests check out. His Dad is a really great guy who did his best to give both these birds a good life.


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