Prepping Cody's Home

Prepping Cody's Home

Prepping Cody's Home

I place fleece and fabric on the bottom of Cody’s cage to cushion his bum when he’s scooting around down there. On top of that, I place blue paper towels from the automotive store. They’re softer and stronger than standard paper towels. This makes for easy cleaning. I use a soy sauce dish for his food. His water bowl is ceramic and its weight prevents it from moving around when he goes for a drink. Perches are set low so he can both sit on them and use them to get around.


  • Hello,
    Thank you so much for sharing! We’ve adopted a CAG several weeks ago that has a leg injury (broken from a dig nip from previous owner, and vet said it’s no longer able to be fixed). He does get around and loves to hang from his cage bars and roof of cage, but I am looking for ways to also help him be more comfortable. Unfortunately it looks like the leg he prefers to perch on is that one that was broken :-(
    It has healed and he now uses the leg as much as he can, but I’m wondering if you could point me towards some other resources to help make his life more comfortable? He is a happy boy, despite his leg, but he does pluck because of all he has gone through.

    PS – I absolutely love the CAG stickers that I ordered from you! Thank you :-)

    Melissa on

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