Magical Bird Hilda Hard Enamel Pins

Type: Jewlery
Element: Fire
Representation: confidence, ambition, sass
Species: Lovebird/Imp

Order and chaos. Yin and yang. Cody and Hilda.
Hilda not only brings the SASS, but she also brings balance.

It’s good to be kind, but being TOO kind can lead to chronic people-pleasing. You may have trouble saying 'no' when you really need to. You forget to take care of yourself and succumb to compassion fatigue and burn out. You may even get taken advantage of. (I’ve been there.)
On the flip side, if you are too aggressive and nasty you can lose friends, lose trust, become isolated, depressed, grumpy, and end up missing out on the joys of life.

There is a light side to Hilda’s fiery nature. It teaches us to embrace the positive side of sass. Be ambitious, determined, confident, and even a little rebellious when necessary.
Find the right balance of wholesome and naughty and you may find a sense of peace.

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Pin Details:

• 31mmx51mm
• Secured with two rubber pin backs
• Gold Plated Iron
• Lots of Sparkles

• Locking Pin Backs available for extra security.

Grade-B Pins
These Pins are being sold at a reduced price because they may have minor flaws such as:

• Smudges in Enamel
• Minor Scratches in Enamel
• Specs / Dots in Enamel
• Enamel over fill

From a normal distance most flaws are not noticeable.
Please note Grade-B Pins are non-refundable.

Each pin is mounted on a sturdy backer board. This item ships via USPS. Please allow 1 - 3 business days to process your order prior to shipping.

Thank you so much for your support!

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