Magical Bird Cody Hard Enamel Pins

Type: Jewlery

Cody possesses the ability to stop the wicked in their tracks and heal broken hearts through the power of light, love, and DEM CHEEKS. Through the love given to him by his sidekick, Saint Birdy, his power becomes amplified. He can change also change his size to accommodate Saint Birdy in activities such as travel or somewhere soft to flop on after a hard day of work.

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Pin Details:

• 34mmx44mm
• Secured with two rubber pin backs
• Gold Plated Iron
• Subtle Sparkly floofs

• Locking Pin Backs available for extra security.

Grade-B Pins
These Pins are being sold at a reduced price because they may have minor flaws such as:

• Smudges in Enamel
• Minor Scratches in Enamel
• Specs / Dots in Enamel
• Enamel over fill

From a normal distance most flaws are not noticeable.
Please note Grade-B Pins are non-refundable.

Each pin is mounted on a sturdy backer board. This item ships via USPS. Please allow 1 - 3 business days to process your order prior to shipping.