Custom Design Balance - VB
Custom Design Balance - VB

Custom Design Balance - VB

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Chubby Dog Design, includes stickers of both Dog and additional Timneh Parrot.

1/2 of total balance is to be paid at the end of the project. 

Any alterations or deviation from preliminary specifications involving extra costs will become an extra charge over and above estimate.

Payment Schedule - Jennifer Budrock will begin work upon CLIENT’S approval of this agreement and after the first deposit is received. CLIENT will pay Birdhism the balance of the payment at the completion of the project. Jennifer Budrock will then release the completed files to CLIENT. Jennifer Budrock reserves the right to refuse completion or delivery of work until past due balances are paid.

Additional Changes/Revisions - Client will have 3 full rounds of revisions based off the initial drafts. Additional revisions or substantial changes to a current project will result in charge to CLIENT at a rate of $100 per hour for any and all content changes with minimum of $25 (.25hr) per revision after. 

Early Termination - If CLIENT decides to back out of the project after designing has begun, they will forfeit their entire deposit. They will also forfeit any copyrights to artwork that has already been sent to client for review.

Accreditation / Promotion - Once project is completed, Jennifer Budrock has the right to promote any design work for CLIENT in their personal portfolio.

Copyright - CLIENT will be transferred copyrights of work designed by Jennifer Budrock/Birdhism at completion of project, when final payment is received. CLIENT cannot resell or reuse any stock photography incorporated for any use other than that specific design.