Birdhism 2024 Calendar

Type: Calendar

Celebrate every month of the year with Cody the lovebird and all his cute Chubby Bird friends!

Whether you want to organize your tasks, mark events, slice and dice the thing and hang the pics on your wall like I used to do (my walls were like a giant scrapbook), this calendar is for you or the bird lover in your life!


Folded: 12"x12", Hanging: 12"x14"


  • Monthly inspirational "Birdhist Proverbs". 
  • Colorful and fun Chubby Bird Illustrations which incudle a variety of different bird species
  • Standard US-based Holidays, Inter-religious, and various other Holidays relevant to the mission of Birdhism. I also added my own "Birdhist Holidays" sprinkled in. 


Jan 8 | Gonzalo Cardona Molina Day
In honor of a man who gave everything, including his life to save endangered birds.

Jan 17 | Betty White Day
To honor her legacy as an "Ambassador for Animals" for her lifelong work for animal welfare.

Feb 28 | Cody the Lovebird Day
The day Cody ascended to the Rainbow Bridge. A time to reflect on birds in need and how we can make a better world for them. Take the time to learn new things about birbs.

Aug 4 | Bird Charity Day
Founder's Birthday, volunteer or donate to a rescue, sanctuary, or conservation group of your choice.

Nov 15 | Happy Bird Day
Cody's birthday, take the time to make a bird in your care happy, be they your companion, or a wild neighbor.

Nov 28 | Happy Turkey Day
Donate to a farm sanctuary of your choice because Turkeys deserve love too!